Jessica Walker

Jessica Walker

INTROMinute from Tom Wallace - Endorsements

Jessica was born a country girl from northwestern New Jersey in a little town that had more cows than people.


She is passionate about being outdoors -- avid tennis player and the many facets of the Dragon Boat world whether it’s part of a rowing crew, coaching others to do the same, or pursuing her certification as a race official.  But she is not all high energy.  She also enjoys reading good books.  Everything from business to some of the latest biographies.


Jessica wants to see others do well, but not at the expense of others.  She mentioned that “Everyone with me starts at 100% and it’s up to them to show me I’m wrong”  


Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and serves well in helping others discover their best self.


I give you Jessica Walker....






Single Best Thing


She doesn’t want long term clients.  Unlike WeightWatchers and NutriSystem, she wants her clients to graduate from her program with skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate their world with success.