Jessica Walker

Jessica Walker

Health and Wellness Coach


I love the feeling of the wind through my hair as I stand and brace myself against a 10ft long steering oar in the back of a Dragon Boat full of paddlers who are all working in sync with each other. We fly across the finish line with cheers and smiles!


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Momentum Transformations, LLC

Momentum Transformations, LLC


21 Eastbrook Bend
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Peachtree City, GA 30269


I help people who are age 45+ to reach and exceed their health goals with customized lifestyle protocols in the areas of:

Food, Movement, Sleep, Stress, and Change Management.

My personal coaching helps them achieve a body that's FUN to live in again!!


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2-Tiny Actions Help Bust Through Procrastination

When I start a new client in my habit-based nutrition coaching program, I have them “Take A 5-Minute Action” as a first daily habit to work on. This is a very small action that gradually moves them towards their goals. Some complain that it’s too simple and they want a complicated and painful plan, or some wonder where’s the next-level, super-secret nutrition pill, powder, or magic potion?? Spoiler alert – There isn’t one. Taking a 5-Minute Action every day gives my clients a tool on how to bust out of procrastination and “feeling stuck”. They also learn that the more often they do small purposeful actions, the more internally motivated they are to keep pushing forward. Action comes BEFORE motivation! I’m a great referral for Sally and Bob who want to join their grandchildren in next month’s 5k Run/Walk fundraiser. Ask them what’s the longest distance they’ve walked on the Peachtree City cart paths. I’m Jessica Walker and I help retired people achieve a body that’s FUN to live in again!


The Single Best Thing I learned from David Bayne on the Fayette Team is how he is hiring and training up a level of middle managers for his stores so that he can feel comfortable delegating task and duties and the employees have a strong support system.  

This coffee discussion turned into how he plans to get all his employees to be team players.  I suggested that we contact former member David Austin (HR Professional) because I know that he has some excellent classrom curricula around team building seminars.  David Austin and I are now creating a custom team building seminar for David Bayne that includes David Austin's classroom component and a physical activity encompassing paddling and racing Dragon Boats with me!

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David Austin

David Austin



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