Jessica Walker

Jessica Walker

Health and Wellness Coach


I love the feeling of the wind through my hair as I stand and brace myself against a 10ft long steering oar in the back of a Dragon Boat full of paddlers who are all working in sync with each other. We fly across the finish line with cheers and smiles!


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Momentum Transformations, LLC

Momentum Transformations, LLC


21 Eastbrook Bend
Suite 216
Peachtree City, GA 30269


My clients tried all the monthly subscriptions to pills, powders, potions, pre-packaged food and discovered that the only thing that stayed slim was their bank account.

They are now seriously committed to achieving a body that's FUN to live in again!


Endorsement Letters I've Received

2- Go From Ozempic to NO-zempic

Today's popular diet drugs include the active ingredient GLP-1.

Not many people know that the human body makes its own FREE supply of GLP-1 when we eat certain foods.

I give my clients a list of the exact foods that stimulate the most GLP-1 … naturally.

These foods help my clients reverse their Type 2 Diabetes WITHOUT pills, powders, or magic potions … just like I did over 20 years ago. They get the same hunger-blunting effects … except with real food from the grocery store and no increased risk of thyroid cancer!

I'm a great referral for your sister Carrie. She's been on the GLP-1 injections for about a month. Congratulate her for taking the first steps towards better health, and ask her what changes she's making to her food and lifestyle habits to maximize her results.

Let her know that you know an experienced nutrition coach who can help her with a diet drug exit strategy so she can go from Ozempic to NO-zempic.

I'm Jessica Walker with Momentum Transformations. Let's get a body that's FUN to live in again!


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I regularly talk with my friends and sports team members about my Wednesday morning breakfasts that I have with people in widely differing businesses and how we support and refer to each other.  Someone's ears will invariablly perk up and they ask me to tell them more.  Once I let them know more details, they let me know if they'd like to attend a meeting or two to check things out.  I've been an invitation with how I'm doing things in my business, instead of chasing people up.

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