Jim Hilber

Jim Hilber

INTROMinute from Melissa Moody - Endorsements

If you talk to Jim Hilber, he will tell you that 4 is a powerful number in his life. He has been married for 21 years and has two kids in high school; a freshman who plays trumpet and keyboard and a junior, who played golf and now runs cross country , bringing his family up to that magical number, the Hilber foursome. 

The ancient Zia sun symbol that decorates both the flag of New Mexico and Jim's Gladiator shield has four sides, representing the 4 directions, seasons, times of day, and stages of life.  

Jim also has at least 4 hobbies; golf, drawing, journaling, and my personal favorite, photography.

One day, after 20 years of being the credit card guy,  he was asked at a Chamber of Commerce meeting how he was going to reinvent himself. He found himself enthusiastically saying, I'm a merchant gladiator." As your merchant gladiator, he is armed with payment solutions, sworn to serve and protect businesses, and fighting for good in the merchant services arena.