Justin Ziegler (he/him)

Justin Ziegler (he/him)

INTROMinute from Holly Neumann - Endorsements

Justin Ziegler’s intro today is brought to you by the numbers 50, 3.3million, 20,000 and 10.

50 is a conservative average number of listings per year for Justin. And his home sales range from $9K - $3.3Mil. This is because unlike many realtors, No sale is too small (or big for that matter) for Justin.

Justin averages around 20K miles in a year - making WAZE his favorite app by far. Because he doesn’t specialize in selling in any specific part of town, his listings are all over.

And it’s not unusual for him to supervise contractors going in and out of a property to do work - even out of town.

Justin supports about 10 community service causes a year through giving part of his businesses profits. This year he is being recognized for his community service by Aurora Day Camp as the 2022 Community Leadership Award recipient at their annual big fund raiser in February. Lastly the number 10 again.

Because Justin’s outlook on business is that he is in it for the long haul, it’s not unusual for past clients to work with him again even 10yrs down the road.

Please welcome the well traveled realtor who loves giving back and staying in touch, Justin Ziegler.