Justin Ziegler (he/him)

Justin Ziegler (he/him)

Residential Real Estate Agent


I am a family guy and small business owner. My fiancé and I spend our spare time in the garden, traveling, renovating our home, perfecting a new cocktail or with our home zoo (two dogs and two cats!)


INTROMinutes I've Received

I had a client pick me over other agents because he wanted someone who is experienced.

In the end, he ended up making an offer on a property that received more than thirty other offers and we were able to win out and get my client the home because of connections I had in the industry. He would literally not own his home had it not been for the experience I brought to the table. 

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Common Ground Home Team

Common Ground Home Team


1370 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306


Focused on heavily customized marketing, the perfect referral for me is a seller at any price point, home buyers, investors or real estate agents who are looking for a career change!


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Orientation Essentials 07/19/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 07/19/2021
GateOpener Workshop 07/19/2021


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Ty Harper

Ty Harper

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Mimi McCain


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