Katie Moore

Katie Moore

INTROMinute from Tom Martin - Endorsements

Let’s play Did You Know to learn more about Katie’s tenure at Power Core?

Which Power Core team is Katie a member of: Milton Team

  • Did you know… Katie initially joined the North Gwinnett team before pausing her membership when her daughter Juliette was born.

Katie attended Officer Training last week, does anyone know for which leadership position: Visitor Coordinator

  • Did you know… Team Coordinator is Katie’s favorite. She loved helping the other officers be successful in their roles and how this leadership position serves everyone on the team.

What would you say Katie’s advice is when people ask her about Power Core: Trust the Process

  • Did you know… Katie has built her law practice on referrals, both from Power Core and clients she has served. And she reminds new members, teams she coaches, and now new visitors to the Milton team about all research that goes into every single thing we do each week.

Here to teach us about another Power Core best practice, please welcome… Katie Sparks Moore