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Katie Moore

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I am mom to a young daughter, and I know most of the Disney princess movies by heart. I keep a stack of books on my nightstand, and I love getting recommendations for my next read. I think breakfast is perfect for any meal of the day.



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When I set up a new business entity for a client, I provide a checklist of what to do next. Many of the items are legal concerns - obtain a business license, report new hires, and so on - but others are more practical in nature (for example, open your business bank account, engage a tax advisor, talk with your insurance agent about recommended coverages).

This checklist document is particularly helpful for the new business owner, eager to do everything properly,  but not totally sure what needs to be done and when. One of my favorite parts of my role is the education component. I am passionate about helping business owners feel confident about their legal framework so they can focus on running the business they love.

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Katherine Moore Law, LLC

Katherine Moore Law, LLC

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My best clients are planners. They recognize that to achieve their business goals, appropriate legal protections are a must. When a legal question comes up, they know I'll help them to strategize and position their business for the best outcome.


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