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At Towne Plumber, we strive to offer our customers superior quality service at an affordable price. We guarantee that we will provide you with access to knowledgeable, licensed plumbers. We pledge to provide you both honestly and respectfully.


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For our line of work specifically, 90% of our service jobs are paid upon completion. We did have a customer in Woodstock that was having a pool installed. The pool company hit the sewer line when they were digging the pool and instead of notifying the homeowner, they buried the pipe.  We were called because the homeowners eventually experienced a huge back up in their basement which turned into an insurance claim. We not only had to fix plumbing on the interior, but we had to repair the broken pipe that was hit in the yard.  This situation took about 4 months before we got payment becuase we were put on hold by the EPA and the county due to the sewer pipe being open and exposed and running into the yard for over 2 weeks.  

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