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Michelle Hibbert

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My husband and I live in Roswell with our 17 yrs old son who loves wrestling. I enjoy traveling and have visited 43 countries so far. I also enjoy working out, watching sports (my football as I'm a Brit) and trying new restaurants with my friends.


As a life coach, goal setting is a key piece in helping a client move forward in their lives and making sure they are achieving what they want to accomplish. 

In each session I make notes on the small goals that they want to achieve and we talk about them in each session. My clients have to achieve those small goals and if they dont we discuss what got in their way and work on strategies to help them move forward in acheivieng them. Once they have been acheived them then the decision of moving forward to the next smalls goals is determined.

We have to take small steps to reach to the mountain top and navigate the challenges along the way.   

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Michelle Hibbert LLC Life Coaching

Michelle Hibbert LLC Life Coaching


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My best clients are busy women who have managerial roles in the home or within a corporation, and are ready to overcome anxiety, overwhelm and stress. They are eager to grow as a person and make transformational changes to live a more fulfilling life.


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