Nathan Bates

Nathan Bates

Computer Service

After playing professional baseball for 8 seasons, my fiancée Brooke and I moved into our first home in Marietta in July of 2022. If I'm not playing golf or basketball, you'll find me with one of our 4 animals either in our backyard or on the couch.


CMIT Solutions, Atlanta Northwest

CMIT Solutions, Atlanta Northwest


2690 Cobb Pkwy Ste A5-376
Atlanta, Georgia 30080


Our best clients understand the value of IT and its necessity in their businesses. From a server migration to installing hardware to add critical protection to our clients, we ensure our clients understand what we are doing and why they are protected.


InfoMinute Seminar 03/20/2023
Orientation Essentials 02/20/2023
Best Client Workshop 02/20/2023


Whitlock Avenue Team

Joined on 01/04/2023


Andreas Wilder and I unfortunately haven't had a 1-on-1 yet (that will change soon!). However, from a business perspective, both IT and investing tend to draw some clients that can to be set in their ways. Instead of letting them persuade us to something that is not in their best interest, finding a way to do it our way while letting them think it's their way is difficult but helpful.


Something that is unique about me is that I played professional baseball for 8 years and retired in July of 2022.

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