Nathan Bates

Nathan Bates

Computer Service


After playing professional baseball for 8 seasons, my wife Brooke and I moved into our first home in Marietta in July of 2022. If I'm not playing golf or basketball in my spare time, I'm with one of our 4 animals either in our backyard or on the couch.


CMIT Solutions, Atlanta Northwest

CMIT Solutions, Atlanta Northwest


2690 Cobb Pkwy Ste A5-376
Atlanta, Georgia 30080


Our best clients understand the value of IT and its necessity in their businesses. From a server migration to installing hardware to add critical protection to our clients, we ensure our clients understand what we are doing and how they are protected.


InfoMinute Seminar 03/20/2023
Orientation Essentials 02/20/2023
Best Client Workshop 02/20/2023


Whitlock Avenue Team

Joined on 01/04/2023


TeamCoOrdinator 04/08/2024


On Halloween and around the holidays in December, I dress up in a costume or wear a Santa hat and deliver candy and goodies to all of my clients and prospects. On Halloween I deliver smarties, nerds, and lifesavers; Christmas-time I deliver coffee and caramel corn. It is VERY time consuming to hand deliver to everyone, but  I want them to know that I cherish and appreciate my relationship with them and that I go the extra mile to make sure they are happy. 

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