Rich Carrozza

Rich Carrozza



Hello! My name is Rich Carrozza and my wife Tiffany and I own Wrens Roofing. We named it after our daughter Wren who was born on October 6th, 2022. When I'm not dangling off a roof, I enjoy playing disc golf and taking trips with my family!


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Wrens Roofing

Wrens Roofing


155 Hampton Oaks Circle
Villa Rica, GA 30180


We have a saying here at Wrens Roofing, "If you're too big for the small jobs, you're too small for the big ones." Our perfect client is literally anyone with a roofing project, the size does not matter, we're here to help everyone.



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I love sharing my clients with everyone. I always ask for permission, but sharing on social media the before and after photo of a roof replacement is amazing. The difference a new roof brings to a home is remarkable and I like to share that with everyone. I always discuss what our company offers are far as services go, but I dont broadcast pricing, especially if insurance is involved, with anyone else, thats where we draw the line. Financial information is private and we keep it that way.

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