Richard Blount II

Richard Blount II

Online Marketing


Favorite subjects in school were Art, Math, and Science. I’ve always found beauty in the world I see and the design in which it was made. Those passions serve me to excel in website design, SEO, marketing, and advertising.



PowerLinks Certificate 11/29/2018
Filling The Filing Cabinet WorkRoom 10/21/2019
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 05/20/2019
Best Client Workshop 02/18/2019
Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/17/2018
GateOpener Workshop 11/19/2018
InfoMinute Seminar 11/19/2018
Orientation Essentials 10/15/2018


Four Winds Agency

Four Winds Agency


1000 Abernathy Road, Building 400
Suite L-10
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


I provide complete online marketing game plans that have put our clients on the first page of Google (locally & nationally), and increased their traffic 200%. Our designs have elevated their brand, and improved website experience for their customers.


When we design, build, and maintain websites for our clients, not all clients are the same. Because of that, we don’t limit our clients to a ‘cookie cutter’ product. So when we create their custom websites, we take into account their individual needs and requests. We have some clients that would prefer to just have a website that stakes their place on the web without a desire to attract new clients. They only need it as a place for existing clientele to visit. But other clients we build a website for are more focused on growing their business and want SEO services included in order to rank higher on Google. Both websites are built with the same foundation and expertise, but the second example includes ongoing work in order to provide our client with what they need. That results in a lower cost for the first website, which is fair for what each client needs.

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