Ryan Frengel

Ryan Frengel

Disaster Recovery


I moved to Atlanta 12 years ago and will never go back! I am married and have 2 beautiful daughters that keep us busy! I was a chef in a former life but with my outgoing personality, high morals, and honesty made the transition to sales a great fit!


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Disaster Recovery


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All Dry of NE Atlanta

All Dry of NE Atlanta


2480 Briarcliff Rd
Suite 6-365
Brookhaven, GA 30329


Our best clients tend to be anyone dealing with a disaster. Water, fire and mold damage can happen to anyone anywhere! We are a 1-stop shop disaster recovery company able to fix the issue, clean it up properly, and the rebuild whatever is needed!


I think to keep my referral attention sharp is to listen!  If you listen during a conversation you will here needs brought up quite often.  Our goal at All Dry is to make customers feel conmfortable and safe during their time of need and during that time they will tell you their needs and what they are worried about!

I tend to keep outstanding referral records in my wallet until I have made contact or have something scheduled for it!

I usually only prepare them during the time at power core.  Because I deal with emergencies most of the time I will make a phone call right away to speed up the process.

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