Shaundra Stapleton, AAMS™ CDFA®

Shaundra Stapleton, AAMS™ CDFA®

Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor


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Many people think financial advisors are only interested in discussing the assets. While the assets are an important part of the equation, they are just that – only a part of the discussion. 

The real value is in the financial planning process and helping clients understand the importance of managing both sides of their personal balance sheet and their personal income statement – assets and liabilities as well as income and expenses to ultimately fund the quantifiable goals in life they have for themselves and their family (i.e. I want to option to not go into work at the age of 60 and need $180,000 in after-tax income adjusted for inflation.).


We accomplish this by doing a lot of listening, asking a lot of questions, and never speaking more than 30% of the time.


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