Steven Stafford

Steven Stafford

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Born in Baltimore, MD. Moved to Atlanta in 1996. I live with my wife Annette, Daughter Sadie, son Andrew. We have two dogs, two cats and a potbelly pig. Outside of the insurance business, I coach High School Lacrosse and Play as well.


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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance


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My best clients are anyone with something to protect. I enjoy educating clients on not only the benefits of Death protection, but also the living benefits life insurance can provide. Removing the doom and gloom of life insurance and promoting the positive


A majority of the public sees life insurance only in the death perview.  Life insurance is the best protection in the event of an untimely death; however, life insurance does have a multitude of living benefits.  A whole life policy or UL policy can be a great investment vehicle.  Structued properly, the cash growth investment can help supplement retirement, offer emergency cash reserves, fund education, give children and jump start in life.  Policy loans and cash withdrawls are available while mantaining a death benefit.


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