Tanner Takekawa

Tanner Takekawa


I am roofing contractor who may come off as quiet, but always wants to shed light in every situation. I am a former sushi chef who loves fishing, fitness, and creating videos. I push to be the best I can be everyday to get one step closer to my dream!


InfoMinute Seminar 11/21/2022
Orientation Essentials 11/21/2022


MTak Roofing Systems

MTak Roofing Systems


233 Arnold Mill Rd, Suite 300
Woodstock, GA 30188


My best clients seek for quick response time, the proper solution, and someone they can trust! Setting proper expectations and following through is what my clients expect. I am here to make sure that my clients are taken care of from start to finish!


When looking for someone new to visit the group, I would start by having a personal conversation that may lead to a conversation about what they do. The most important thing that would catch my eye on whether or not they would be good for our group is if they are intentional, genuine, encouraging, and ready to grow. These characteristics show that a person cares about others and they are willing to take the action to grow in their own life. A few words I may use to see if someone is interested are "How has your business been", "How is your network", and "Have you heard of PowerCore"?

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