Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

Tricia Bethel-Sookhoo

Health & Wellness

I spent nearly 25 years in the hotel industry, then Covid hit and losing my job was a blessing. It opened the opportunity to pursue a passion in guiding people to be the best versions of themselves and be active in Scouts BSA with my two children.


Best Client Workshop 05/16/2022
Best Client Workshop 10/18/2021
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 09/20/2021
Orientation Essentials 04/19/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 04/19/2021
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 04/19/2021


Independent Certified Health Coach

Independent Certified Health Coach


My clients simply tired of being tired or frustrated with taking multiple medications.They desire to be active in their lives, but their weight or mindset have been put on the back burner because of their focus on family or work and not themselves.


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Health & Wellness

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One of the best handoffs I shared featured client testimonials and photos of their progress. It was the best way to show the physical transformation possible and indentify potential clients that may be in the same circumstances.  Sharing true life examples, testimonials, and photos of clients with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation, and migranes that experienced life changing results. 

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