Brandon Weaver

Brandon Weaver


I play golf with friends and clients each chance I get. Drive By Truckers and the Grateful Dead keep me sane in my unclear moments. Tennis and Billiards fill my time when I'm not celebrating my daughter and her cheer squad. My wife is always my side.


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Geoffrey's Home Solutions

Geoffrey's Home Solutions




My best client is self aware. Like sighted, yet knowing they can't "do." Each job comes with 30+ years of expertise in paint; matching colors and making sure choices are complimentary. Ensuring product is used with it's intended application.


I am good at what I do because of my extensive time in the industry. My knowledge of properly applying the product the way it is supposed to be applied per vendor recommendations goes a long way with then customer as well as the vendor.  My honesty and a casual manner help the cusotmer seem to feel relaxed when I am in their home getting the information for an estimate to work up.  I am not going to tell a client an answer to a question if I am not 100 percent sure that it is correct. If I dont know the answer I have plenty of contacts in this industry to find the right answer. 


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