Brenden Jonassaint

Brenden Jonassaint

Commercial Lending

I am a husband and father. I love a good game of basketball and spending time with my loved ones. Occasionally I'll turn on the old Xbox and play an online game with some friends of mine. I enjoy working out and fun activities with family and friends.


I like to send a 3-way email as a documented record of the referral being sent. Even though I aim to contact all referrals sent to me ASAP, the truth is I cannot always contact everyone the moment the referral is sent. However, because a documented email was sent with their information, I can get back to them as soon as I am free. I also respond via email usually within the hour to let both the person sending the referral and the client know I've reached out and I'm serious about connecting. 

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Vision Financial Services

Vision Financial Services


160 Clairemont Ave
Decature, Georgia 30030


My best client is an established business owner that wants money but doesn't necessarily need it. In addition to that, we do help startups and businesses that your traditional bank is unable to finance.


Best Client Workshop 02/20/2023
How to Build a Referral Marketing Plan 01/09/2023
InfoMinute Seminar 08/15/2022
Orientation Essentials 08/15/2022


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