Bruce Meller

Bruce Meller

Remodeling Contractor

I enjoy exercising and eating. After many many pizzas, I have finally perfected my pizza recipe! My new goal is to go to a new restaurant in Atlanta every week. So far, it's going well.


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Home Forge Remodeling

Home Forge Remodeling


2858 Franklin Street
Avondale Estates, GA 30002


Our best clients are busy professionals who appreciate having their homes professionally remodeled on time and on budget with extraordinary quality. They enjoy our high-touch process as we help them select all of their finishes (tile, cabinets, etc.)



PowerLinks Certificate 01/22/2018
Best Client Workshop 10/16/2023
InfoMinute Seminar 08/21/2023
Orientation Essentials 01/15/2018
InfoMinute Seminar 12/18/2017


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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Joined on 11/09/2017


TeamCoOrdinator 02/09/2020
ParticipationCoOrdinator 06/05/2023
100% Club 06/23/2022


5-year Pin 12/01/2022
3-year Pin 03/24/2022


One of the most important tools is project planning.

Since remodeling involves multiple vendors, suppliers and subcontractors, proper planning is essential to coordinate all of these elements to produce the best overall project result.

We focus on planning to save our clients money on the overall project costs and to minimize the time we are on site at their homes.

Minimizing the time we are at their homes allows them to minimize their rental costs if they must move out of their homes during their project.

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