Chantel Espaillat

Chantel Espaillat

Sports Attorney

As an amateur boxer and obstacle course racer, I love challenges and facing obstacles head on. Being out in nature makes me appreciate this world's beauty. I love sweets and now when I eat ice cream it reminds me of my mother. I live to honor her.


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Sports Attorney

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Spartan Legal Consulting LLC

Spartan Legal Consulting LLC




My clients do not have the time to read the fine print. They are go-getters, focused on the next goal. I provide them with legal eyes to review contracts and guide them through the process. My clients walk away with the confidence to sign the bottom line.


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Preliminary Research - it sounds crazy, but this is a topic I do not talk about.  It is more a "behind the scenes" kind of service I provide to potential clients when they first come to me with their problem.  I may not always know the answer right then and there, so I research it.  Some attorneys may charge for this service because it can take hours depending on the problem.  However, my preliminary researches are at no cost to the potential client.  Why? Because this determines whether I can resolve their problem or refer them to someone who can. That has always been my motto, do the research first. 



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