Christyn Southavanh

Christyn Southavanh



I enjoy being active: hiking, dancing, going on adventure, and pretty much anything outdoor. And sometimes, I just want to just chill, relax, and binge watch Netflix episodes on TV. I love spending time with my family &I enjoy making the most out of life.


Best Client Workshop 05/16/2022
Best Client Workshop 06/21/2021
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 04/19/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 03/15/2021
Orientation Essentials 03/15/2021


First Citizens Bank

First Citizens Bank

3270 Florence Rd
Powder Springs, GA 30127


My best clients are the ones that I've cultivated relationship with & have earned their trust. How many business clients do you know of that has their banker's personal cell phone number? My clients know that they can reach me any time they need help.


I usually either send an email or verbally ask for referral.

I use the 2x2xx touch-up method (2 Days, 2 week, & 2 months) to follow up - depending on the client's financial needs, I will send a thank you email with a note asking for a referral.  Or if I'm closing a loan or opening an account, I will ask my new clients for a referral.  

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