Ellena Park

Ellena Park

Property & Casualty Insurance

I love living in Midtown Atlanta with my husband and two rescue dogs. In my previous career in non-profit and advocacy, I helped clients acquire their first home and career. It's so wonderful I can now help protect those hard won assets with insurance.


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Property & Casualty Insurance

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Independent Insurance Agent

Independent Insurance Agent


Atlanta, GA 30309



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Dr. Noni Carter

Dr. Noni Carter


The clients that Saurel Quettan and I have in common would be our small business owner clients. However, I also work with individuals and families. Mr. Quettan and I both help our clients achieve their business goals. Mr. Quettan focuses on the psychology of the team, interpersonal relationships, and leadership. My focus is risk management and mitigation. Our joint 7 minute presentation could be a case study of a mutual client, and the different ways we help make their business more resilient, more profitable in the face of ever evolving market forces and economic challenges!

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