Erin Goodier

Erin Goodier

Video Production

I can talk to you all day about movies and TV. I am always working on some random project or learning a new skill, whether its wood working or cross stitch. I married my college sweetheart, Tony, and together we have a cute brindle puppy, Piper!


Goodier Creative

Goodier Creative



Video is the powerful punctuation at the end of a good branding strategy. My best clients already have their brand created and are looking to connect with clients on a new level. My services are designed with nonprofit and professional services in mind.


InfoMinute Seminar 03/16/2020
Orientation Essentials 01/20/2020
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 01/20/2020


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Aimee Zahora

Aimee Zahora

Joined on 01/16/2020


MentorCoOrdinator 12/07/2020


I try to incorporate a little bit of information about them both personally and professionally. It's helpful for people to get a full rounded view of that person and that makes it easier for people to give them referrals. I also think of IntroMinutes as an opportunity for me to brag on that person in a way that they couldn't brag on themselves. It's a great chance to bring up awards and certifications they've recieved. It makes them feel good and it shows the rest of the team how valuable they are!

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