Garrett Hurst

Garrett Hurst

Financial Advisor

Born and raised in the Atlanta area, big college football fan (go Clemson Tigers), when I'm not helping clients plan for and reach their financial goals I enjoy golfing and trying new restaurants.



PowerLinks Certificate 12/21/2016
Best Client Workshop 06/17/2019
Orientation Essentials 12/19/2016
InfoMinute Seminar 11/21/2016


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Endurance Planning Group

Endurance Planning Group


2859 Paces Ferry Rd. SE
Suite 1160
Atlanta, GA 30339


My best clients put family first and have a work hard play hard attitude. I allow them to offload the time-consuming work of managing/planning their finances so they can spend more time with their loved ones.


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Financial Services | Investment

Financial Advisor

Retirement Planning

Filing Cabinet

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Joined on 10/07/2016


TeamCoOrdinator 08/05/2022
ParticipationCoOrdinator 09/30/2021
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5-year Pin 11/12/2021
3-year Pin 10/25/2019


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Conor Malloy

Conor Malloy


At a minimum I try to send a 3-way email introducing my client/friend/family member to the PowerCore member I'm referring them to to provide a warm introduction, and I'll usually copy and paste the member's email signature into the email to provide their contact info which helps look more credible than me just typing in their email/phone number. But best case scenario is when I'm able to schedule a 3-way coffee or lunch and make the introduction in person as I've found these introductions have a nearly 100% success rate of the client engaging with the PowerCore member. 

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