Gerald Wessels

Gerald Wessels

INTROMinute from Jessica Walker - Endorsements

Did you know that between Gerald and his wife Laura, they have 10 grandchildren living locally?  That sure does make for lots of birthday and graduation parties!

In between all his family activities, Gerald is focused on his continuing his professional education with his committment to produce one YouTube video about some aspect of real estate per week.  He's building his skills to be able to speak more fluidly on camera by studying the book "How to Preach Without Notes".  

Gerald is looking forward to getting out on his motorcycle more, now that the weather is getting warmer.  He's participated in a few charity rides with other motorcycle enthusiast friends.  He's also close to realizing his vacation dream of taking a transatlantic cruise.

Gerald has always been willing to create and send a CMA on a property to anyone who asks.  Here to teach us about CMAs and how to compare them, I give you our favorite Realtor, Gerald Wessels!