Gerald Wessels

Gerald Wessels

Residential Real Estate Agent


  • Gerald has 3 children and 3 step children, walks daily, and produces videos featuring real estate, diy projects and leadership.
  • Gerald is in residential real estate sales
  • Gerald enjoys motorcycling, photography and spending time with his wife.


Buy A Home Is Step One In Creating Wealth

Wealth management isn't my seat on this team. However a book that I wish was given to me as a wedding present would be "The Richest Man In Babyon." In it he mentions that everyone must make a regular payment so you might as well be paying off your investment rather than someone elses! It is very easy for me to convey this to my customers because I believe in in 100%. I read a book in real estate investing. These people weren't intentional investors, they just bought a house every time the military moved them and then never sold. There is never a conflict between what Brett Vincent believes and teaches and myself. I am a good referral for any person that lives on the planet that doesn't own a home. I learned from Grant Cardone that everyone can own my product … we just must pare up their wants and needs and a plan to get them that home. Have them give me a call and we will begin the process!


As one can imagine, realtors don't have as many "we did business" reports as others at the table.  However when one does occur, they are generally a grand slam.  It is just the nature of the work that we do.

My big aha in this area comes from another drawer in the filing cabinet.  For some time it was easy for me to identify 3 drawers.  Most real estate agent can quickly tell you that they help people buy, sell or invest in real estate.  Granted, you don't need to have 4 drawers just because the typical commercial filing cabinet does, but I wanted that fourth one.  Once again, I just needed to think about anything people write me a check.  The answer came when I realized that the 4th drawer would be referral fees I receive when one of my clients allows me to recommend an agent for them that is either out of state or in an area of Georgia that I'm not familiar.

This fourth category is an important one because it is certainly more than an "on base" but not as big as a "grand slam."  My "home runs" are an essential part of the Wessels Realty Team because I want these people to receive the same great service that I would provide them in my market area!

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Wessels Realty Team

Wessels Realty Team


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