Gerald Wessels

Gerald Wessels

INTROMinute from Tom Wallace - Endorsements

Gerald grew up in Oklahoma where he learned from his parents the value of hard work.


This shows in the way he runs his Real Estate business.  He mentioned the best thing about his work is the satisfaction he received is seeing families get a home that they enjoy.  He also mentioned the system is really designed toward home ownership and he wants to help folks take advantage of that.


Something you may not know is that Gerald has been studying for his brokers exam and he very recently passed his school test on the first try and is now focusing on the state exam.


He is looking forward to getting back on a motorcycle this year and enjoying more of his hobby in landscape photography.


Gerald will share today the latest on the real estate market and strategies to navigate this crazy time.


Now here’s Gerald....






Single Best Thing 


Gerald is passionate about growing his knowledge so he can provide more and more value to his clients