Gerald Wessels

Gerald Wessels

INTROMinute from Tom Wallace - Endorsements

Growing up in Oklahoma Gerald became a diehard Sooners fan.  He has high hopes for their chances to make the Top 4 in the playoffs this year.


Gerald has an adventurous side, which his wife has had to get used to, but has been slowly coming around to joining in…a little bit.  She has been on a couple of short rides on his Goldwing, but nothing too extensive. They are planning a motorcycle ride down to Key West with his wife joining him in Miami so she doesn’t have to endure the full 500 miles on the back of the bike.  


While cruising he enjoys connecting his helmet communications to the bluetooth on his phone, listening to a wide variety of music from rock to classical…but no jazz.  This is probably wise, because whenever I put jazz on when my wife and I are riding in the car, she promptly falls asleep.


He is always trying to increase in knowledge by listening to and/or viewing one podcast or YouTube video every day on Reals Estate, Photography, Videography, along with miscellaneous other topics.


Today Gerald will be sharing one of the ways he ensures all I-s are dotted and T-s are crossed when you list a home with him, so everything runs smooth. 


Now I give you King Of The Road…Gerald Wessels…



Single Best Thing 


Gerald is as passionate about giving his customers awesome service