Herve Dor

Herve Dor

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I embody the "Risk" in Financial Risk Advisor. I love exploring & traveling to new destinations, trying different foods, and enjoying life with friends. Tell me about that new restaurant or cuisine that you just tried.


I like to create quote intake templates for businesses and industies that are highly congruent to my own and send blank templates out to referral partners. That allows the refferal partner to collect enough information so when I follow up me and the client are already diving deep into providing solutions  

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American Family Insurance - Herve Dor Agency

American Family Insurance - Herve Dor Agency


3750 Palladian Village Dr
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Marietta, Georgia 30066


My best client treats their business like an employee who's borrowing their bosses Ferrari, they don't move an inch without knowing that it's insured. I relieve the anxiety clients have about their coverages so they can go full speed towards their goals


Best Client Workshop 10/17/2022
Orientation Essentials 10/17/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 10/17/2022


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