John O. Moore, Atty. at Law, P.C.

John O. Moore, Atty. at Law, P.C.


245 W. Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046



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Jack Moore, planning attorney.

On the surface, my job is to help people put a period at the end of their lives. But below the surface, they should strive to put not just a period at the end of their lives, but an exclaimation point. Your Last Will and Testament is almost like giving the eulogy at your own funeral. You are summing up your whole life. Just like a company's real mission statement is its budget, your last will is your real mission statement for your life and how you want to tie it all up.  By my encouraging my clients to think in this way, they really have to dig deep and confront a host of raw emotions, pro and con, about their spouses, partners, exes, children, grandchildren, friends, enemies. It's a whole different kind of therapy that I believe is valuable to them in living, not just after they pass on. The process of asking deep questions and sending drafts of the documents forces people to do the hard digging. Hard, sometimes painful work, but worth it all, I believe.

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