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All Treats, No Tricks!

Every real estate agent knows that spooky monster stories aren't true. In the spirit of Halloween, here are 5 terrifying things clients say that make my blood curdle:

  1. "We're having seconds thoughts…"
  2. "My parents would like to see the place."
  3. "The appraisal came in low."
  4. "There's something I haven't told you…"
  5. "Is your commission negotiable?"

Real estate horror stories can happen to the best and most experienced agents. Negotiations are tougher, deals happen faster, and the complex layers of paperwork are still challenging. While I won't be able to avoid every hiccup or issue throughout the process, buying or selling a home doesn't have to be spooky.

When your referrals work with me, it's all treats, no tricks, and they'll never get ghosted.

This is Jenelle with Plush Realty Group, where luxury is in the details of everything that we do.


FeedForward Cards are such a helpful tool when presenting a 7-minute speech for the team. As a REALTOR®️, there are so many little details that go into each transaction, and sometimes you assume that others know things about what you do; when in fact, they don't. I received a card after a presentation about why I chose to switch brokerages to Coldwell Banker. I received a comment that they had no idea why brokerages were important, and were surprised by all of the details I provided.

 The general public probably doesn't know or care about which brokerage an agent is with, but to an agent, it can make a huge difference in their business. It is now a tactic I use in my listing presentations because it is necessary for my (potential) clients to understand how I will effectively market and showcase their property in order to get it sold. There are a lot of tools available to me that set me apart! In addition, I also let people know that I have a worldwide network of agents that I am able to connect them to, whether they or someone else they know, needs real estate assistance outside of Georgia.

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