Jennifer Pradhan

Jennifer Pradhan

Graphic Design

Art & Martial arts keeps me mentally sharp & fit by utilizing both sides of my brain. Inspired by animation, I've drawn since I was 12. I enjoy bold colors & logic problems. Movies get watched twice; first for the story, then for the director’s comments.


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Graphic Design

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098 Productions & Design

098 Productions & Design


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My clients know their logo and graphics are the first impression their customers see. A polished visual brand is one key to success. Visual strength is the foundation for building strong marketing. Clients look to me to create their signature look.


Identity Package: Why its important.

When starting up a business, usually their visual look is the last thing they think of.

Brand Identity is important in leaving that lasting image in a client’s head.

A well designed brand will convey a business’s personality.

And a strong one will increase recognition and value in what they sell.

I offer Brand Identity start up packages that will give the start ups all the visual items they need.

Sam’s new business was nearly half a year into operation when he realized he wasn’t pulling in the amount of traffic he predicted. After a search, he found many people didn’t know if his business was legitimate.

I helped jumpstart his visual identity by redesigning his brand.

Now he’s happy with his new image.

Think of John, who always seems to have the next big solution

Let him know that the secret to a great business is more than just the idea

When you see him, ask what his next big project looks like.

Jennifer Pradhan, 098 Productions & Design


My favorite date and times are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from lunch to afternoon. I'm located in Peachtree Corners but I will either meet halfway inbetween for meetings OR online if our inperson schedules just don't match up. 

The purpose of these meetings can vary but usually I want to know how we can help each other.

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