Jennifer Pradhan

Jennifer Pradhan

Graphic Design

Art & Martial arts keeps me mentally sharp & fit by utilizing both sides of my brain. Inspired by animation, I've drawn since I was 12. I enjoy bold colors & logic problems. Movies get watched twice; first for the story, then for the director’s comments.


Product Photography - White Background

Displaying a product clearly is vastly important for any e-comm business.

That’s why product photography is an important step in building that business.

Product photography comes in many different styles but a white background gives the product a classic look.

A simple background allows the buyer to focus on the product itself with minimal distractions and is an easy set up for a product turnaround.

I can shoot product photography on a white background and offer a transparent background option.

Jim wanted to sell his new and improved gym equipment.

I shot his gym equipment on a plain white background.

Now he can use these photos on various e-commerce sites like Shopify.

Think of that avid card collector looking to finally hang up their collection.

Let them know, there is someone who can help them prepare to sell.

When you see dust collecting on their prized collection, ask what’s about.


1) A client approached me in order to have a promotional video created about a mission trip they were a part of; utilizing photos and videos from their previous trips.

2) This video was important to them because the mission trip was something they had dedicated their lives too and continuously make the trip yearly.

3) They wanted to further promote their mission trip to help spread the word of their cause and wanted the video to present the mission on social media and various meetings.

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098 Productions & Design

098 Productions & Design


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My clients know their logo and graphics are the first impression their customers see. A polished visual brand is one key to success. Visual strength is the foundation for building strong marketing. Clients look to me to create their signature look.



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