Jimmy D! Dunnavant

Jimmy D! Dunnavant

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I have five brothers. I love college sports and am a follower of college football and softball. Always willing to have a conversation about the Crimson Tide, Bulldogs or your favorite team. I love the color green! When I see you I'll bring green M&Ms.


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In the last two years John has taken his family on eight adventures, and already has me planning the next two. He has an active business, a wide range of friends and previously invited them for backyard BBQ. Now, someone else cooks on a cruise ship!


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I start my interaction with clients through either incoming email or phone call.  After a short consultation I invite them to visit my onboarding website where we gather the information required to do a booking and also provide insights into potential discounts they might qualify for.  

After that we go into research mode, trying to find the place and time that works within the client's budget, timing and preferences.  We narrow that down by speaking with the client multiple times.  

At the end of the day I want my clients to be happy to write a 5 star review for my services, including pricing, information and service before, during and after their travel!



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