Joann Taylor

Joann Taylor

Interior Design and Staging

I still love my beach music which entices me to dance. I enjoy digging in the dirt, making my flowers and roses grow profusely and enjoy a good scotch and water with Mr. Taylor and Gussie on my fabulous porch.
Wonderful son is my installer. A treat!!


Endorsement Letters I've Received

Being in Power Core for 8 years, we are honed and skilled to  listen, listen, listen.  Even in personal conversations, I am thinking.    I just feel that my referral "button" is always on, open to receive the vibrations or the targeted sense of knowing this person needs Jason, or Dan, or Dale and Paul.  Readiness to receive!!

I keep my pink slips close by every week in my P. Core small notebook on my desk with my password books and checkbook.  Important space!!  To help me remember I have things to do with that person or calls to make to someone.   And to be sure, I don't forget to write up my new found referrals for the coming Tuesday.

I prepare several days before our Meeting because I have made notes for these four people I know to meet these four fabulous members on my team who are going to "make their day" !!  

Listening, making your notes goods, follow through with emails and phone calls and of course, have good paperwork for our MCO to do their thing!!!


Referral Trigger Response

Taylor Design Consultants,inc.

Taylor Design Consultants,inc.


342 Glenn Circle
Decatur, Georgia 30030


Decisive women who can make up their minds about quality and expertise that I bring to the table. Young, old, enjoys family, and loves the adventure of something new and beautiful in her home. Love the guys, too!! wonderful clients …… MY ENERGY!!


Members I've Invited

Tamara Chastain

Tamara Chastain


Decatur Team

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Diana Crawford

Diana Crawford

Joined on 08/26/2014


VisitorCoOrdinator 05/31/2023
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5-year Pin 09/24/2019
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PowerLinks Certificate 10/15/2014
Filling The Filing Cabinet WorkRoom 10/15/2018
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 04/17/2017
Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 11/21/2016
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