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I had a new construction home for sale representing the Builder / Seller and when negotiating the price, terms, and conditons, you also must agree on the Attorney that will handle the Closing. Typically the Buyer selects the Closing Attorney,  however, I explained the Seller would prefer to close with Jake Shumard | Baker & Summy, PC. The Buyer agreed and Jake was on the Purchase & Sale Agreement with the sales price $1,430,000.00.  I sent the contract to Jake via email and called him with the information. Jake reached out to both the Buyer and the Seller with phone calls and emails immediatley. Jake did a wonderful job with the title work and coordinating everything with the Buyers' lender over the 30 day time frame and worked very hard especially to accomodate and make sure he delivered the Buyer and the Seller with an ontime Closing. Both the Buyer and Seller told me how they were very impressed with Jake and his team at Baker & Summy, PC. 

(Jake told me this business was a home run for him which made me very happy to hear! So glad Jake is on our Brookhaven Power Core Team!) 

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