Manny Osho

Manny Osho



My name is Manny Osho. When I am not inspecting roofs I enjoy working out, mixed martial arts, hiking, weekend mountain getaways, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with my dog Frankie.


   It all started with a simple question on one of my Feet Forward cards about warranties offered by other shingle manufacturers. Intrigued by the question, I took it upon myself to investigate the warranties provided by various shingle manufacturing companies. Shortly after familiarizing myself with the different warranties, I received a referral from someone who was actively shopping around for various roof quotes. Despite being the third quote she received, I was determined to close the deal.

While going over her quote I was not only able to go over the warranty options for my company , but for other companies as well. 
I believe this knowledge is why she chose Roofing Done Wright as the company for the job.

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Roofing done Wright

Roofing done Wright


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Dr. Arthur Matthews, III D.C.

Dr. Arthur Matthews, III D.C.


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