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Mariell Coker

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HIG Commercial a Division of Haven Insurance Group

HIG Commercial a Division of Haven Insurance Group


2200 Century Parkway
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At dinner on a cold January a great family friend mentioned that he thought his accountant was getting a bit forgetful and maybe was at retirement age. He said it again on another occasion so I told him about Scott Levine. Nothing ever came of the name drop, so I didn't think to brag on Scott again until my friend got back from his forth sailing trip in the Caribbean. He started working on the steps to fulfill his lifelong goal of owning a sail boat and sailing around from island to beautiful island. 

He's a business owner himself and his taxes are paid in a way that are no longer helpful in funding his goal. This convo came up at tax time this year. Naturally, I insisted he let me introduce him to Scott. I mean, he's mentioned taxes three times now. My friend agreed to the introcuction, but Scott's a busy guy with a heavy client load so I emailed Scott to see if the introduction was a thing. It was! 

Because of the referral my friend better understands the funds that need to be socked away to fullfil his dream of being a sailing captain. 



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