Mary Block

Mary Block

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Listener,doer,reader,dog-lover,teacher,student,&storyteller. I love cooking,eating, &drinking wine with my husband,& long convos with my two teens.I speak Spanish, have run 1 full marathon and 6 halfs,& once got lost in the Andes & lived to tell about it!


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Mobility Plus Alpharetta

Mobility Plus Alpharetta


4020 Nine McFarland Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004


My best clients are 65+, active,&engaged with life! They cruise with their kids&grandkids, travel to Europe&walk on the Greenway. I sell, rent,&service mobility, home health,&fall prevention equipment that will keep them "going where they want to go!"


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I sell, rent and repair medical equipment, so my customers are almost always in a vulnerable position when they come to me. We don't necessarily rely on reports to signal readiness. Our customers have experienced a medical emergency, are post-op, or are supporting a loved one who is recovering. I also have many customers who are just dealing with natural diminished mobility as a result of the aging process. Regardless, their cue to complete a sales or rental transaction is often precipitated by a stressful situation. As a result, we educate about options, and inquire about details that the customer might not have thought of so they are not making unclear decisions under duress. We try to make our transactions as streamlined as possible since our customers are often dealing with chaos. We know they are ready to take the next step when they express trust in our process, and knowledge, and have signed the itemized written quote that we have submitted to them. Much of our equipment (for sale) is not returnable, so clear, explicit communication and working to find the right solution at the beginning is key!

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