Codey Hart

Codey Hart



Orientation Essentials 03/21/2022
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 03/21/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 03/21/2022


Go Roofing Atlanta

Go Roofing Atlanta


895 Hampton Bluff Drive
Milton, GA 30004



As a newer member of Powercore I was initally focused on meeting with the members whose businesses I thought would synergize best with my own. However, as I've grown in Powercore I've come to realize that one never knows where a referral can come from. The person at the table who you initially feel may have the least connection to your business could very well have a personal connection to your best gate opener or client. I was using a calender to track to coffees. I'm going to switch over to using the meeting schedule to make sure that my time and energy is divided equally. 

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