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How do i confirm, at Trinity Air we use an automated system. Then system starts with a report on our side that shows who needs an appointment. From there one of our CSR staff will send out an automated email to reach out to us to schedule. From there if no response is made we send another email to schedule, after that if we start calling to get scheduled. on day of appointment my technicians will put the call in go mode and the customer will get a text or email stating we are on the way. After the call if it was obe of my personal calls I call and see how satisfied the customer is. From there I will usually wait about another week before giving my last follow up call. We are also currently trying to bring back a good ole fashioned phone call from the office. With technology being nonpersonable we do not want to lose the customer as a person. Meaning we want customers to feel appreciated and not just another transaction. 

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