Dr. Noni Carter

Dr. Noni Carter

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Living a mosaic life as an FA & published YA author with a PhD in Francophone studies who, every once in a while, revisits her classical piano-playing days. (A little Margaret Bonds anyone?) I enjoy family & creating epic music playlists with my hubby.


Bob Goldberg's clients are often coming to the table looking to develop a long-term estate plan froms cratch or to review and renew due to small or significant life changes. Similarly, I work with clients who approach me at different times in their planning journies with different levels of need. "Legacy" comes in many different shapes and forms,  and beyond the necesssary nit-picky aspects of my job (cash reserves analysis, monte carlo simulations regarding retirement savings, etc.) the underlying (sometimes unconscious) driver is most often concerning where the client and their children/grandchildren want to be at a future date, what they are committing to the lives and communities around them (be that financial and otherwise), and the ways in which their money can assist in these overarching goals.

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The stories we tell about our finances and wealth-building can be messy. My job is to bring order, clarity, structure, education, expertise, and peace of mind to my wonderful clients who are passionate about their families, businesses, and communities.


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