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I have so many flowers in my backyard it's almost embarrassing. My English husband and I can talk about flowers and plans for the garden all day long, especially in the spring and fall. Luckily I have three teens who help in the yard.


7-Minute Presentation Workshop 01/16/2023
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After I have photographed an event I create a custom Photo Gallery for my client and grant a certain amount of control. Because I shoot medium and large corporate events, the marketing or communications manager who hired me can decided to hide any of the images they choose before sharing the gallery with their employees or clients. Access to the gallery is a benefit and keepsake for the employee and client and elicits a sense of gratitude to the event host. My client can choose if they would like to grant visitors the option to download a high resolution, social sized image or to purchase images. The cost is rolled into the project fees billed to the client. All gallery visitors are exposure, and potential referrals, to me and I am able to track every visitor, what images they like and downloaded. 

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Pamela Dabrowa Photography and Video Production

Pamela Dabrowa Photography and Video Production

Kennesaw, GA 30152


My best client trusts me to capture their event, family or occasion creatively, thoroughly & representatively of their corporate identity and values. A photojournalistic foundation & years of on-location lighting have equipped me with the talent to do so.


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