Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery

Merchant Payments

My name is Robert Montgomery and I live in Roswell, Georgia with my wife Patti, son Robby, and daughter Ava. Outside of work I spend my time enjoying my two teen's sports and activities as well as training and exercising my two loyal pups, Saba & Caya.


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Patti Montgomery

Patti Montgomery

Robin Burton

Robin Burton


Rova Payments

Rova Payments


10260 King Road
Roswell, GA 30075

My best clients are those who seek technology sources to help their customers and grow their bottom line. All businesses need to take payments and I have solutions for every type, so I can tailor them to match their unique needs.


Orientation Essentials 04/19/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 02/15/2021


North Fulton Team

Joined on 09/11/2020


100% Club 02/07/2023


1. Agree to meet when it is convenient for them even if it is after hours.

2. Take the time to do research about prospects and clients before meeting so I use our time to provide solutions and can speak to their specific needs.

3. I try as best I can to take client calls while I'm at my desk and can access information and take notes as opposed to taking calls while I'm traveling by car.

4. I send detailed follow-up emails that address client questions or concerns.

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