Ryan Carroll

Ryan Carroll

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Newly married, house hunting ourselves, dog dad to Duke & Henry, play competitive rugby, love to travel and dance, favorite candy bar is snickers, caregiver to my mother, have webbed toes, enjoy hiking and trying new restaurants, driving fast & sunshine!


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Harry Norman, REALTORS

Harry Norman, REALTORS


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My client is a young professional, has some student loan debt, work/life balance is important and wants guidance buying a home My senior clients want to make the most money from selling their home to live off of the rest of their life comfortably & safely


Ryan, my husband and I want to buy a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house in Peachtree Hills of Atlanta, GA but also love the idea of a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo in Buckhead. What are our current options with a budget of $950,000?

My client Rachel and her husband John have been retired for 10 years now, adult children have been out of the house for years and grandchildren are all above the ages of 5. They want to sell their family home for the last 40 years in Buckhead, while still being in the area but either in a smaller single-family home or high-rise condo building. In real estate, location, location, location is the number 1 pain and pleasure point for a buyer. 

The size of the home all depends on the location they'd like to live. In Peachtree Hills, they would be able to find a completely renovated 3-4 bedroom, 3 bath, 1800+ square foot single-family home with a large backyard, close to resturants and shops with a close-knit neighborhood feel well within a $950,000 budget. On the contrary, a showstopper 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1400+ square foot, 24-hour coincerge, gated and covered parking, pool and gym, storage unit, no yard for maintenance, fully updated condo in the sky overlooking the Buckhead skyline awaits for your retirment golden years with your loved ones! Again, you and your husband can have all of this for $950,000 in a top of the line Buckhead condo community, but keep in mind the HOA fees will be a significant portion of the $950,000 budget. 

A great referral for me would be a recently retired couple who would love to explore their options of continuing a single-family home lifestyle or switch it up and focus more on experiences and time with each other and their loved ones while living high in the sky! Ryan Carroll, with Harry Norman, REALTORS. To move is to grow, let's grow together. 

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