Satonja Gilbert Scott

Satonja Gilbert Scott

Real Estate Attorney

SATONJA GILBERT SCOTT is a Partner and Managing Attorney at Elite Law where she practices Real Estate and Business Law. She is an Atlanta native and lives in Atlanta with her husband and 2 boys. Her hobbies include traveling and her kids' sporting events.


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Elite Law Group

Elite Law Group


55 Ivan Allen Jr, Blvd. NW
Suite 820
Atlanta, GA 30308

Satonja's best clients are Real Estate professionals and investors. As a closing attorney, Satonja prides herself on being accessible to her clients, understanding to investors, and organizing complex deals.



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The question that I regularly receive is, "How much are closing costs?".  There are some fees that are standard across all transactions.  However, there are fees that are dependent upon the "amount" of the transaction or the purchase price of the property.  Lenders' and Homeowners' Title Insurance policies are based on the value of the home.  So, the more expensive the home, the more it costs to insure the transaction. For example, a person purchasing an $100,000 home may pay closing costs to the law firm in the amount of around $1500 (including title insurance).  If the home is over $1,000,000, those costs could be more than $5,000 for the transaction.  The amount makes the difference.

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