Steve Hamlin

Steve Hamlin

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I have been married for 30 years. We have 3 boys 24, 21 and 17. If needed, I always have my own four some for golf. I enjoy strength training and hiking with the dog. The family and I walk to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association every October.


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Landry Rustin

Landry Rustin


US Health Advisors

US Health Advisors


My best clients are folks that either own a small business or are 1099. Usually my clients are healthy and have a good income. I provide my clients with a Private PPO that has better coverage, at a better price, with coverage in all fifty states.


GateOpener Workshop 07/18/2022
How to Benefit from an Association 02/21/2022
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/20/2021
Best Client Workshop 10/18/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 09/20/2021
Orientation Essentials 09/20/2021


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In my last seven minute I created a handout that I shared. It out lined our various products and where they fit for potential clients. I also included a list of 15 ideal clients for our products.  It prompted sevral folks to reach out to some of their clients who are a fit. The hand out also stimulated some good feedback questions that I will use in my next seven minute.

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