Terri Carter

Terri Carter

Medicare Insurance

I was born and raised in a Christian environment. I come from a singing family. I have almost 25 years in the insurance industry with my primary focus being Humana Medicare. Seniors need a strong advocate and that would be me. I'm married and loving life.


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100 Mansell Ct East
Suite 125
Roswell , GA 30076


My best client is anyone who currently has Medicare or anyone turning 65 with/in 6 months. I don't just enroll clients in a plan. I assist them in enrolling in the SNAP program, determine if they are eligible for GA Medicaid and Extra Help for medication.


The best answer to a referral trigger that has helped me is a handout. I give a handout that highlights the difference between Medicare advantage vs. Medicare supplement. I give this handout to my clients because it breaks down the fundamental differences in coverage options. 

My client was turning 65 and was overwhelmed with the amount of options he had. This helped ease his mind when selecting the appropriate plan to meet his needs. He never asked this question but providing him the information, it made his experience transitioning to Medicare very pleasant.  He was able to narrow down a plan option after going over the handout, in addition to my answering all of his questions.

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