Dr. Tracey Huffman

Dr. Tracey Huffman


I'm a Virginia mountains native who relocated to Atlanta after finishing chiropractic school. I love the outdoors and cycling back roads. I am a dog lover, I built a school bus/tiny home conversion, I am deeply in love coffee and love to sit on porches.


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Live Free Chiroplus

Live Free Chiroplus


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Other doctors can’t figure it out. Lyme disease, digestive issues, skin problems, allergies, auto-immune disease, hormone imbalances, trapped emotion and many symptoms that just don't seem to improve. I search to find and treat the root causes.


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I'm new to the team, but I have a couple referrals I am developing. I have a colleague who runs her own business and pays one employee and two independent contractors. At this point she does her own payroll and I know she would like to have less admin time and more time with her patients. I have filled out a referral for a three way introduction to my payroll services team member. 

The other is also for a small business owner who handles 5-10 independent contractors, I am meeting with her next week and will ask her about her payroll system. I am almost positive she handles it herself or through a cheapie internet platform. She could definitely use less stress and someone like my team member to handle it. 

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