Travis Nichols

Travis Nichols

Building Contractor


Top Notch Decks

Top Notch Decks

Newnan , GA 30265


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One place I like to meet my clients is one of two places; with one being their (residence/place where work is needed at) to see what vision they have for their decks and outdoor space project. Or secondly, at a property I've already done or know that is inline with what the client wants. If the client has all the details for everything they want, I will usually meet at their place and bring samples of products we can use. I will meet at at time that works best for them and always try to be right on time if not early. I think showing the customer in person measurements and products, help the client visualize the project better too. I like to be upfront on any possible concerns and deliver a quality deck/space in a timely manner. If the client isn't sure on direction but I already have a good understanding, I will take them to see actual done decks/outdoor spaces to stay on the same page and meet expectations they are wanting. 

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